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Old Snowmass

The Old Snowmass Modern Home on the Creek project represents a harmonious collaboration between lighting design and architectural innovation. Leading the charge in crafting a bespoke lighting concept, we closely partnered with interior designers and architects to tailor the lighting to their specified aesthetics. Amidst the challenge of intricate structural features, significant correspondence with construction teams facilitated the seamless integration of these complexities into the lighting design. The result is a residence along the creek where each lighting element not only meets functional needs but also enhances the modern design, creating an ambiance that gracefully complements both the architectural intricacies and natural surroundings. This Old Snowmass project stands as a testament to collaborative synergy, where lighting design becomes an integral part of the architectural narrative, elevating both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Product Location
Snowmass, Colorado
  • Lighting Design,
  • Audio + Video Design,
  • Design Consultation,
  • Fixture Specifications

Project Team

Jesse Douglas
Jesse Douglas
Founding Partner - COO
Andy Timmons
Andy Timmons
Partner - CEO
Cal Viall
Cal Viall
Aspen Sales Manager
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