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Lumhouse not only brings a creative and modern approach to meet your residential and commercial lighting needs but also thrives in capturing the unique essence of the Aspen Valley and Denver Market. Our commitment goes beyond just design and installation with an in-depth understanding of the local architecture, building requirement, construction constraints and natural surroundings. Whether it’s creating ambient lighting that complements the majestic mountain landscapes or incorporating sustainable lighting solutions to align with the eco-conscious spirit of the community, Lumhouse is dedicated to providing lighting designs that resonate with our clients.

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Lumhouse stands out in residential design, bringing a fusion of innovation and style to homes in both the serene Aspen Valley and the vibrant urban landscape of Denver, CO. Our tailored approach to high-end residential projects reflects an understanding of the distinct character of each locale, creating lighting solutions that harmonize seamlessly with the unique architectural and lifestyle elements of Aspen Valley and Denver.


Lumhouse is a trailblazer in commercial lighting design, leaving a mark on both the sophisticated business landscape of Aspen Valley and the dynamic commercial hub of Denver, CO. Our expertise extends to crafting lighting solutions that not only enhance the functionality of commercial spaces but also contribute to a visually compelling and welcoming atmosphere, aligning seamlessly with the unique demands and aesthetics of each location.


Lumhouse stands at the forefront of innovative lighting solutions, seamlessly merging creativity with cutting-edge technology. Our expertise extends beyond conventional lighting, with a focus on advanced technologies. Lumhouse's commitment to both aesthetic excellence and sustainable practices sets us apart, ensuring that our lighting technology not only transforms spaces but also aligns with contemporary environmental considerations.

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