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In Progress – Private Residence

This Private Residence project began as a minimal remodel and transformed into a comprehensive interior and exterior renovation, prioritizing cutting-edge technology. Central to this technological vision are Ketra lighting and Lutron controls, selected for their status as top-of-the-line solutions in residential spaces.

Ketra lighting, known for its dynamic and tunable capabilities, is strategically integrated to enhance the residence’s atmosphere, prioritizing both aesthetic appeal and occupant well-being. Complementing this, the Lutron control system serves as the central hub, streamlining the management of lighting and seamlessly integrating with other smart home features for a user-friendly experience.

Emphasizing simplicity for end-users, the project ensures that the integration of Ketra lighting and Lutron controls is not only technologically advanced but also easily accessible. With an expected completion in 2024, this project stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of modern design, sophisticated technology, and a commitment to creating homes that embody the epitome of contemporary living.

Product Location
Aspen, Colorado
  • Lighting Design,
  • Audio + Video Design,
  • Design Consultation,
  • Fixture Specifications

Project Team

Jesse Douglas
Jesse Douglas
Founding Partner - COO
Andy Timmons
Andy Timmons
Partner - CEO
Cal Viall
Cal Viall
Aspen Sales Manager
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